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Solutions for food waste

people be waisting food and it will affact the community because according to NyTimes "Unfortunately, most of the uneaten food goes to landfills where it decomposes and produces the dangerous greenhouse gas methane at a volume that amounts to anestimated 7 percent of the total emissions contributing to the global warming threat". Methane is a flamable its a hydrocarbon consisting of one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms. Methane is one of the powerful and important gases on the planet. Waiste in food issues could be solved by shopping what the person really need (necesarry) so that way people do not have left over to throw away also Store Food Correctly. Improper storage leads to a massive amount of food waste

  • Learn to Preserve Don't Be a Perfectionist Keep Your Fridge Clutter-Free Save Leftovers
  • Eat the Yolk Its a lot of food that be waste every year and that so bad becaues we be see a lot of poor people that dead beacues they dont have anything to eat but other people don't care about people life and if this be go over and over the world will lost more human becaues of waste food. Also waist in food contribute to the global warming risk.

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